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Dhaula Kuan admission 2015 -16  

The lottery for EWS/DG Category scheduled for 27.01.2015 at 2.30 p.m. has been deferred. The new date will be informed on the website of the school. Sorry for the inconvenience caused.

  List of candidates eligible for lottery under EWS Category who reside witin 1 km distance from the school.
  No of vacancies:34
  List of candidates eligible for Lottery : 67
  Will be held on Tuesday 27th, January 2015 at 2.30 p.m. in the Auditorium
S. No. Reg. No. Name of the Child Father's Name
1 E 0002 Aachal Mr. Raj Kumar
2 E 0007 Sidhi (TWINS E-0008) Mr. Deepak Kumar
3 E 0008 Ridhi (TWINS E-0007) Mr. Deepak Kumar
4 E 0010 Ridhit Vij (TWINS E-0013) Mr. Deepak Vij
5 E 0011 Samer (TWINS E-0012) Mr. Honey
6 E 0012 Amer (TWINS E-0011) Mr. Honey
7 E 0013 Vidhit Vij (TWINS E-0010) Mr. Deepak Vij
8 E 0015 Lakshika Mr. Surender Kumar
9 E 0021 Mahi Mr. Harvinder Kumar
10 E 0023 Dhairya Pawar Mr. Rajeev Kumar
11 E 0024 Aman Mr. Inderjeet
12 E 0025 Chirag Pawar Mr. Sanjay
13 E 0026 Aryan Parcha Mr.Sanjay Parcha
14 E 0031 Ishaan Kain (TWINS E-0032) Mr. Rajesh Kumar kain
15 E 0032 Ishita Kain (TWINS E-0031) Mr. Rajesh Kumar kain
16 E 0038 Abhinav Singh Gautam Mr. Satyendra Singh
17 E 0041 Ayush Mr. Satpal
18 E 0042 Kanisha Mr. Kunwar Pal Kashyap
19 E 0045 Khushi Kumari Mr. Raju
20 E 0050 Deepanshu Mr.Naveen Kumar
21 E 0057 Aditya Kumar Singh Mr. Rambir Singh
22 E 0058 Ishika Kumari Mr. Nanu Kishor
23 E 0060 Kanisk Beniwal Mr. Vinod Kumar
24 E 0080 Shristi Mr. Gulab Singh
25 E 0092 Anshika Pandey Mr Vinkesh Kumar Pandey
26 E 0096 Tanisha Kain Mr. Tek Chand
27 E 0098 Vikasni Mr.Sonu
28 E 0101 Asmit Mr. Dharmendra
29 E 0105 Himanshu Kumar Mr.Dhirender kumar
30 E 0113 Aavaya (TWINS E-0114) Mr. Arjun
31 E 0114 Bhavaya (TWINS E-0113) Mr. Arjun
32 E 0115 Viraj Mr. Satin
33 E 0118 Tejus (TWINS E-0119) Mr. Pankaj
34 E 0119 Ojas (TWINS E-0118) Mr. Pankaj
35 E 0120 Saiyam (TWINS E-0121) Mr. Vishal
36 E 0121 Yam (TWINS E-0120) Mr. Vishal
37 E 0123 Baniya Mr. Gurpreet
38 E 0124 Love (TWINS E-0125) Mr. Sunny
39 E 0125 Kush (TWINS E-0124) Mr. Sunny
40 E 0126 Kajal (TWINS E-0127) Mr. Rakesh
41 E 0127 Payal (TWINS E-0126) Mr. Rakesh
42 E 0128 Srishti Mr. Ritesh Kumar
43 E 0172 Avikshit Chauhan Mr. Akshay Pratap Singh
44 E 0173 Chaitanya (TWINS E-0174) Mr. Norattan
45 E 0174 Devshi (TWINS E-0173) Mr. Norattan
46 E 0186 Mehak Mr. Bharat Kumar
47 E 0190 Prateek Mr. Deepak
48 E 0191 Nakas Kumar Mr. Basant Kumar
49 E 0194 Tripti Mr. Nathu Lal
50 E 0196 Gurjot Singh Mr. Sukhvir Singh
51 E 0199 Udansh Mr. Ashish
52 E 0200 Suhani Mishra Mr. Sunder Kumar
53 E 0216 Subesh Mr. Bhoora
54 E 0218 Manya Pandey Mr. Vijay Kumar Pandey
55 E 0221 Navya Kashyap Mr. Munesh Kashyap
56 E 0222 Saksham Kain Mr. Surinder Kumar Kain
57 E 0229 Harshita Mr. Sanjay Kumar
58 E 0232 Srishti Mr. Naveen Kumar
59 E 0235 Ganga Mr. Pradeep
60 E 0236 Shivani Kashyap Mr. Chander Pal
61 E 0238 Shaini Mr. Arun
62 E 0239 Vansh Chauhan Mr. Suraj Chauhan
63 E 0240 Aayush Mr. Kishan
64 E 0242 Shivam Kumar Mr. Madan Kumar
65 E 0245 Agamjeet Singh Mr. Jaspal Singh
66 E 0250 Aman Alam Mr. Shamsher Alam
67 E 0253 Ishika Mr. Virendra
  Candidates Not Eligible for Lottery. The Directorate of Education vide order No. F/DE/15/1031/ACT/2007/7002 dated 24.11.2007 defined the minimum age for admission in Pre-School as minimum of three years by 31st March of the year in which admission is being sought. There fore those candidates who are less 3 years as on 31 march 2015 will not be eligible for entry to Pre-School Class. The upperage limit for admission to Pre-School Class for EWS candidates has been decided as 4 years 6 months. Those candidates who are above 4 years 6 months of age as on 31st March 2015 will not be eligible for admission to Pre-School Class 2015 - 16.
S. No. Reg. No. Name of the Child Father's Name Remarks
1 E 0122 Pari Mr. Harpreet Mrs. Kawal UNDERAGE
2 E 0202 Sameecha Kashyap Mr. Vinod
Mrs. Rekha
3 E 0070 Ruchi Kumari Mr Janak Bharti Mrs. Sanju Devi OVERAGE
4 E 0087 Angelina Prasad Mr. Christopher Prasad Mrs. Jyoti Prasad OVERAGE
5 E 0091 Jiya Mr. Pardeep Kumar Mrs. Kavita OVERAGE
6 E 0093 Adarsh Pandey Mr Vinkesh Kumar Pandey Mrs. Kiran Pandey OVERAGE
7 E 0109 Saanvi Dogra Mr. Shiv Ram Mrs. Anita OVERAGE
8 E 0151 Kirti Mr. Kishori lal Mrs. Rajwanti Devi OVERAGE
9 E 0153 Jatin Beniwal Mr. Ram Kishan Mrs. Saroj OVERAGE
10 E 0156 Rajan Kumar Mr. Gauri Dass
Mrs. Renu Devi
11 E 0195 Deepanshu Mr. Nathu Lal
Mrs. Suman Devi
12 E 0203 Anurag Mr. Asha Ram Kashyap
Mrs. Raj Kumari
13 E 0204 Pinky Mr. Asha Ram Kashyap
Mrs. Raj Kumari
14 E 0214 Sashi Dharan Mr. Om Prakash
Mrs. O. Athi Kaleeswari
15 E 0219 Tanya Pandey Mr. Vijay Kumar Pandey
Mrs. Seema Pandey
16 E 0230 Kartik Kashyap Mr. Pawan Kumar
Mrs. Kiran
17 E 0234 Keshav Mr. Gajraj
Mrs. Moh Shree
18 E 0243 Mamta Kumari Mr. Madan Kumar
Mrs. Pramila Devi
  Note : Incase the required documents are submitted latest by 10.30 a.m. on 27.01.2015 in the school office the names will be included for lottery to be held on 27.01.2015 at 2.00 p.m.
1 E 0006 Geetika Mr. Harpal Singh Mrs. Tripti Bala PAPER INCOMPLETE No Proof of Residence (Rent Agreement Given) INFORMED
2 E 0072 Pooja Pun Mr. Nar Bahadur Pun Mrs.Aarti Budha Pun PAPER INCOMPLETE NO INCOME CERTIFICATE BY SDM
3 E 0073 Suraj Pun Mr. Nar Bahadur Pun Mrs.Aarti Budha Pun PAPER INCOMPLETE NO INCOME CERTIFICATE BY SDM
6 E 0249 Veer Mr. Suresh Singh
Mrs. Santosh
7 E 0251 Mahi Yadav Mr. Vikram Yadav
Mrs. Krishna Yadav

Admission Information for Nursery Class 2015 – 2016

Policy, Categories, Criteria and Procedures


The admission policy will reflect the general ethos and philosophy of the Springdales Schools run by the Springdales Education Society (Estd. 1956). The schools are inter-generational, and promote inclusivity, integration and hetereogeneity in their student community. They impart a wholesome education which develops in Springdalians good citizenship, social responsibility and multi-faceted talent. The school motto "Vasudaiva Kutumbhakum – the world is a family" permeates the entire curriculum and elucidates its commitment to an integrated secular India and a peaceful and a socially just world.


The Management, staff, alumni and parents share a collective vision and mutual purpose in education so that the students may fruitfully contribute to the wider society and address the realities and concerns of our country and of the world.


Springdales has a clear DIVERSITY POLICY in place which is reflective of the Constitutional goals of our nation. We believe in the intrinsic right of every child to receive good quality education. So along with others we educate :-


  1. Children of Economically Weaker Sections of Society
  2. Children with Special Needs
  3. Children of Minority Communities
  4. Children of different Regions of the country
  5. Children of foreign nations

We have therefore kept the following categories which are in consonance with the school policy and guidelines of the RTE Act.

  For Admission to the 136 seats in the entry class for 2015 – 16
1. EWS Category 34 25%
For the remaining 75% the categories will be :
2. General Category 64 47%
3. Staff Children's Category 7 5%
4. Special Needs Category 4 3%
5. School's Discretionary Category 27 20%
  136 100%



Children of the EWS category will be given 25% of the seats as per the total intake of the entry class i.e. 34. This is the percentage mandated under the RTE Act and is a part of our social responsibility.
The applicants will have to fulfil the eligibility criteria prescribed by Govt.
If the seats exceed the number of seats available children will be admitted through Random Selection (Draw of lots) in the presence of the parent applicants.
The whole process will be fair and transparent with names of selected and non-selected candidates placed on public domain.




For this category there will be 64 seats available which will be 47% of the total seats for this class.

The Criteria for selection of these children will be in accordance with the guidelines given. i.e. there will be no interviewing or screening of children or their parents. The whole process will be fair and rational, non-discriminatory, transparent and child-friendly. Admission will be based on the information given and will have to be backed by authentic proofs with documents attached to the form when submitted. Information regarding parents' professions and educational qualifications will not form a part of the admission criteria. It will be used only for school data processing.

Admission for the General Category of seats will be based on the following criteria as per school's policy for which points will be given to ensure a rational and fair result. If there is a tie in the points for the last seats to be allotted there will be Random Selection in the form of a Draw of lots to finalise these seats in the same transparent manner as for the EWS category. The list of selected and non-selected candidates will be placed on the public domain showing the points secured.


All permanent members of staff have a right to apply for the admission of their children.

Candidates must apply through an Online Registration Form but no points are required for this category. If the applications exceed the number of seats allotted there will be a draw of lots and the non-selected candidates will be deferred to the next session. Grandchildren of retired staff may be considered as fee paying students if seats are not filled.

Any seats unavailed at the time of closure of admission will be transferred to General category.




The schools have a well recognized Integrated Special Needs programme for differently – abled children. A Special Needs Centre is in operation. To be eligible for the integrated programme parents must attach authenticated documents related to the disability and a Certificate that the Child is ready for entry to Main stream education. There is no point system for this category but a lottery is conducted in the presence of parents provided that all documentation is complete.

A maximum of 5% seats are available for this category. Any seats unavailed at the time of closure will be transferred to General category.



  1) Sibling Criteria  (20 points allocation)  :

The school considers this to be a very important factor for admission as it becomes very problematic for parents to have children in different schools. Existing parents also have a bonding with the school which they chose for their first child because of its special features. Even then, it will not be possible to accommodate all.


2) Alumni Criteria  (20 points maximum)  :


The schools are three-generational and have a large 45 year-old Alumni Association with 5000 life members deeply attached to their Alma Mater and who have great aspirations for their children's education at Springdales. Alumni should have passed class XII from the school Alumni who have passed class X will be considered only incase of having left the school due to Inter State Transfer of parents. Kindly attach proof of SLC of Class XII. Full points will be given to those alumni who have become members of the Old Springdalians Association at least 3 years prior to this application. For non-fulfillment of the criteria mentioned above, 5 points will be deducted.
It is regretted that all children of Alumni, like siblings will not be able to find a place due to limitation of seats.


3) Residence Criteria  (20 points maximum) :


Proximity of residence to the school is beneficial to both the child and the local community. So residence has been included as Criteria for admission. It covers two aspects :-

  1. Those who live in areas covered by the bus routes for Kindergarten children (20 points)
  2. Those who live further away but can make their own satisfactory transport arrangements. (15 points)

4) Religious & Linguistic Minority Criteria  (10 points)  :


In keeping with its ethos and objectives, the schools embrace a diverse mix of children from different communities, religions and linguistic groups. Aspirants must provide authentic proofs that they qualify as minorities as defined by authorized bodies like the Minorities Commission.


5) Girl Child Criteria  (10 points)  :


Gender Parity and equal opportunity for the Girl child is a part of Springdalian ethos. Being co-educational the schools try to ensure that the student population has an equal balance between the sexes.


6) Single Parent Criteria (5 points) :


For children with a single parent – Father/ Mother

  • Legal proof of custody of child to be attached
  • In case of death of spouse death certificate to be attached

7) 1st Born Child (Girl or Boy) not being a sibling or a child of an alumnus.  (15 points)


It was found in the last few years that very few 1st born children secured admission. Therefore they are being allotted 15 points.




Forms will be available ONLINE ONLY from Saturday, December 20th, 2014 from 9:00 a.m. onwards on the school website till 12.00 midnight on Wednesday, December 31st, 2014.


Instruction for Parents:

  1. Take a printout of the Online Registration Form on an A- 4 size white sheet of paper. Use black ink only for printout.
  2. Fill up the required information in the form.
  3. Attach copies of all documents required with the form.
  4. Kindly ensure that you collect a receipt and acknowledgement for the Registration Fees paid.
  5. Submit the duly filed form, complete in all respects to the School office in which admission is sought, as per the schedule given below.




Acceptance of filled up forms (Venue: Gate No. 3, Springdales School, Dhaula Kuan) 23.12.2014 to 10.01.2015
(Excluding Sundays and Gazetted Holidays) (9.00 a.m. to 11.00 a.m.)
Notification of First List of shortlisted candidates + Waiting list 09.02.2015
Last date for acceptance of fees from the First List 13.02.2015 (9.00 a.m. to 12.00 noon)
Notification of Second List (if any) 20.02.2015
Last date for acceptance of fees from Second List 25.02.2015
Admission Closes 23.03.2015

EWS forms are now available in school.
Timings 9 a.m. To 11 a.m.


List of documents to be enclosed with the filled up forms are hereunder:

  • Copy of Birth certificate of the Child
  • Proof of Residence (any one)
  • Ration Card issued in the Name of the parents (mother/father having the name of the child)
  • Domicile certificate of the child or his/her parents.
  • Voter ID of any of the parents
  • Electricity Bill/ MTNL Telephone Bill/ Water Bill
  • Passport in the name of any of the parents or child.
  • Aadhar Card/ UID Card issued in the name of any of the parents
  • Proof of Sibling
  • Copy of fee bill of sibling   
  • Copy of report card
  • Proof of Alumni
  • Copy of Character certificate
  • OSA Membership Card
  • In case of Minority
  • Proof of qualifying for Minorities as defined by The Minorities Commission.
  • In case of Single Parent

For children with a single parent – Father/ Mother

  • Legal proof of custody of child to be attached
  • In case of death of spouse death certificate to be attached
  • Children of Staff
  • Details of Employment
  • Position
  • Date of employment
  • Years of service
  • In case of 1st Born child
  • Affidavit from Notary Public certifying that the child is a first born
  • Birth Certificate of child
  • Statement from parents certifying information is correct and true
  • Special Needs Category
  • Authenticated documents related to the disability and certificate from the Medical Specialist/ Clinical Psychologist that the child is ready for mainstream schooling.

Please Note :

If information is found to be false the school authorities have the right to cancel the admission if given.