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We strongly believe that the teacher is the pivot of the educational process and whatever the policies and programmes of the school, in the final analysis it is the teacher who has to execute them and see them through. One of the special features of Springdales has been the close bonding between the teachers and taught, very much in the Indian tradition of "GURU" AND "SHISHYA".
In a continued effort to keep up with the times, the school has provided basic computer training for most of its teaching staff. The school has also had the unique distinction of having a large number of teachers on the staff that has served for long periods of between 25 and 40 years.


The Principal at Dhaula Kuan is Dr. (Mrs.) Jyoti Bose, M.Phil (Sociology of Education), PhD who has provided the educational leadership since the inception of the school in 1983. 

The Principal at Pusa Road is Mrs. Ameeta Mulla Wattal , a post graduate in English who joined in July 2001. Since then she has taken the school to new heights and achievements both creatively and structurally.


Mr. Bhagat Singh( Dhaula Kuan)

Academic Supervisors

Mrs Anita Luthra (Pusa Road)
Mrs Ritu Madan (Dhaula Kuan)


Mrs Soma Banerjee (Pusa Road)
Mrs Lalita Mehta (Kirti Nagar)
Mrs Sujata Maleyvar (Dhaula Kuan)

Heads of Departments  

Mathematics Department Mr. P K Sharma
Chemistry Department Mrs. Abha Goyal
Biology Department Mrs. Alka Verma
Social Sciences Department Ms. R Srivastava
English Department Mrs. Sunita Kumar

Head Saath-Saath (Inclusive Ed. Centre )

Ms. Sonali Bose

Visiting Faculty

Teachers from Ireland, USA, UK, USSR and New Zealand have taught at Springdales at various times, and their inclusion in the teaching staff has broadened the students' horizons, adding a new dimension to learning. Prominent educationists have also visited the school, from different parts of the world.