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We consider it very important that the school and the home work together in harmony and share the responsibility of their child's education right from the start. We encourage regular parent-teacher interaction, and full attendance at Parent-Teacher Forum meetings. The more the parents identify themselves with the ethos and programmes of the school the better it is for the healthy development of the children. This is most important at the Pre School and Junior level. Parents can also interact with the teachers through the Students Diary and for the Pre School children through "Baat Cheet" a communication channel between home and school.

There are many functions held by the school, such as Annual Day, Sports Day, Open Day and so on and we expect all parents to attend them to encourage the children.
The Parent-Teacher forum is a platform for parents to give suggestions as well as understand the philosophy of the school. At regular Parent-Teacher meetings, the parents interact with teachers and discuss the progress of their wards. Two parents Mr. Hemant Chakravarty & Dr.Annu Sharma are a part of the managing board of the school for the year 2012-14.  
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