‘Vasudhaiv Kutumbakam’

The World is a Family


Springdales is symbolic of a progressive educational movement inspired by Beaconsfield in Britain, brain child of Bertrand Russell, Badley’s ‘Bedales’ and A. S. Neill’s ‘Summer Hill’ as well as the educational philosophy of our great Indian educationists like Mahatama Gandhi and Rabindra Nath Tagore.


Springdales epitomises vibrancy and freshness, dovetailing much of the ethos of the new post-independence India into its educational program and philosophy.



Privately managed, the school is a secular co-educational one integrating into its curriculum concern for the environment, the spirit of community service and international peace and brotherhood.



“Vasudhaiv Kutumbkum” which translated from Sanskrit means “The World is a Family” is the motto of Springdales and indeed is deeply etched in the heart of every Springdalian.



It is a concept which greatly influences the thought process and value system of all pupils –past and present – as they look upon the school, the community, the nation and the world as a part of the whole family of humankind.


This section shall be updated with more information periodically. We intend to chronicle the millions of memories of the thousands of Springdalians over the years. If you would like to contribute with pictures and/or information – write to the Editorial Team.